How Tissue is Used

Many people will lead improved, healthier lives because you or your loved one made the generous decision to donate. Each year, nearly a million tissue transplant surgeries are performed in the United States, allowing patients to become stronger and more mobile. Here are examples of recovered tissues and how they are used:


  • • Facial reconstruction
  • • Limb salvage
  • • Correction of birth defects
  • • Cancer treatments
  • • Spinal and oral surgery

Fascia (fibrous tissue that covers the muscles)

  • • Repairs tendons, ligaments and deformities

Heart valves

  • • Replaces valves weakened by disease or congenital defects


  • • Repair joint injuries

Pericardium (membranous bag that surrounds the heart)

  • • Provides patch grafts in cardiac procedures, especially in children


  • • Acts as a temporary covering for burns
  • • Decreases pain, infection, scarring, heat and fluid loss


  • • Repair joint injuries


  • • Improve leg circulation
  • • Used in coronary bypass surgery
  • • Preserves lower limbs