Teardrops of Life Program

You’re invited to take part in something special. The Teardrops of Life program features banners decorated with teardrop-shaped fabric appliqués honoring your loved ones who gave the gift of life through tissue donation.

You don’t need to know how to sew to make a teardrop appliqué. Start with requesting a fabric teardrop from Jeanette Potts at (920) 738-6620 or email at jpotts@atsfoundation.org. You’ll receive the teardrop along with a permission form, authorizing that information on your donor may be shared with the public.

Talk to your family members and friends to collect ideas on how to decorate the teardrop. What was important to your loved one? What reminds you of him or her? What were his/her interests, sports teams or hobbies?

Please keep these guidelines in mind while creating your teardrop:

  • You may use paint (no watercolors), permanent markers, embroidery, or transfer a photo onto the fabric.
  • You may include poems, quotes, and your loved one’s name, date of birth or death.
  • Please do not use glitter, stickers, decorative pins, crayons or paper.
  • Please keep your design within a half-inch margin from the edge of the teardrop.

After you’re done with your teardrop:

  • Complete the Teardrops of Life Banner permission form.
  • You may write a brief (no more than 100 words) description of your teardrop design, or any information you’d like to share about your loved one. This will be posted on our website. Descriptions will be edited for spelling, grammar and length. Major changes are subject to your approval. You may also submit a photo of your loved one to accompany your teardrop description on the website.
  • We recommend you enclose your teardrop in a zippered plastic bag and send in a padded envelope. Please mail to: Jeanette Potts, American Tissue Services Foundation, 1113 W. Kennedy Avenue, Suite C., Kimberly, WI 54136

Banners will be used to increase awareness of the importance of tissue donation and pay tribute to generous donors and their families. Banners will be displayed at donor memorial ceremonies, hospital and health-related functions and community events.

Because the Teardrops of Life Banner program is ongoing, there is no timeline for you to submit your design. If you have questions about the program, please contact Jeanette Potts at (920) 738-6620 or email at jpotts@atsfoundation.org